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Patient Testimonials

I have nothing but the highest regards for Alex Robertson’s knowledge and extreme skill. I have personally benefitted and referred many to his practice. Alex is different from other practitioners in that he doesn’t just treat the symptom. He wants to find the true source of the inflammation or injury.

I hurt my lower leg skiing with my daughter. I let it linger for over a month and then finally called Alex. Literally, within one treatment, the pain I had was gone. Alex took his time to find the root issue and then used directed movement from me while he released the tension to alleviate the cause. Dynamic intervention as opposed to just lying on the table. Quite remarkable. It’s as if he can mentally 3D map all the muscles, tendons, ligaments, and fascia with just a touch.

Additionally, at the end of the appointment I love to hear his assessment of the problem, what happened to create the issue, and anything additional I can do to prevent reoccurrence.

If you are having any type of issue I highly encourage you to give Alex a chance to address it. He has healed everything from migraines and TMJ issues to difficulty walking. This is the guy you want to help you - hands down THE BEST!

Dr. Tara Jensen D.D.S.

Alex gave me my life back!


I was a very active senior citizen (golfing, hiking, and cycling) until I wasn’t due to wear and tear on my right hip and had to be in a wheelchair to get around even a little bit. Then, I went through corrective surgery (not a hip replacement). Post-surgery, and with additional complications, I found myself in the wheelchair again until I could safely use crutches, and then had to use a cane, all the while going to physical therapy 3 times a week.


After 6 months of physical therapy, with no real improvement, and continuing to use the cane, I had my first consultation with Alex. Within 2 sessions Alex was able to identify and devise a treatment plan. The cane was removed almost immediately and he taught how to walk all over again (literally baby steps!)! He taught me how to walk mindfully, which is harder than you might think! Additionally, he taught me how to do exercises and perform every-day movements that when done correctly, allowed my body to respond positively and resulted in increased strength, endurance, and mobility.


Within a matter of a couple months of hard work and dedication, I was walking limp free and feeling NO pain!


After two years, I continue to be pain free and actually feel better than ever. Building strength and endurance is a gradual process, requiring patience and commitment and now those specific exercises are part of my daily routine. This is how I continue to have my active lifestyle where I walk and/or hike up to 7 miles at a time (steep hills or flat surfaces), cycle on average of 10 miles, and of course, golf (a modified golf swing has actually improved my game)!


No other professional has come close! Alex’s unique and vast knowledge and understanding of the human body, and experience with solving, correcting, and improving complex structural maladies, coupled with his passion, determination, and ability to communicate in layman’s terms, has altered my life exponentially! He has provided me with processes and skills to correct my movements and realistically understand what to expect along the journey to good health.

Valorie F.

I met Alex a few years ago and was very interested to hear his rehabilitation recommendations for a hip surgery my wife was recovering from at that time. She had been following traditional physical therapy exercises with little to no satisfactory results. However, her progress after working with Alex convinced me I should seek his advice for a few minor issues I have.

First, I’m an active 68 year old man in pretty good condition. Unfortunately, I had overworked my dominant right hand to the point where I developed a ganglion cyst on my right wrist. Alex explained how the fascia in my forearm, and tendons and nerves in my wrist had become irritated and my body was reacting by developing a fluid filled cyst as protection. He showed me how to massage the forearm fascia and gently stroke my wrist to reduce the fluid in the cyst and the pressure on my wrist. Today, the cyst is almost completely gone.

Alex also explained how carpal tunnel occurs and how that could be cured without surgery. Unfortunately, I had had that condition and had surgery on both wrists several years ago. I wish I had known Alex prior to having that done because surgery left a slight numbness in both palms.

The successes my wife and I have had with Alex have made us both advocates in his skill and techniques. I heartily recommend his services! In fact, he and I are currently working on a technique to reduce ringing in my right ear. After 18 years of ringing I would love to significantly reduce or completely eliminate the ringing. Stay tuned for the results!

Sam F.


The following includes a website and the BBTOA Facebook page presenting a variety of information, tips, tools, and techniques etc. on the areas of Structural Integration and neuromuscular therapy.

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